Darren Finnegan

Co- Director

Darren is one of the co-founding directors of Pro Health Physiotherapy NE with extensive experience in the NHS, Connect Health and private practices in the UK and Ireland.

Darren is an energetic, well-respected and passionate Chartered Physiotherapist. Darren chose this career path after his dad suffered from a stroke, and unfortunately passed away when he was 18 years old. This difficult experience ignited a passion for helping and guiding others on their own health & well-being journey.

His professional accolades include working with Great Britain’s female Basketball team, working at the Commonwealth Games with world champion track & field athletes and professional combat athletes, and an active contributor to the North East Musculoskeletal Society (NEMS). A sporting interest, combined with extensive experience working in public healthcare, makes Darren a well-rounded and relatable practitioner for people from all walks of life.

Born in Canada, and having lived in Ireland before moving to the North East, Darren loves to meet new people, experience new cultures and challenge himself. Darren prides himself on being disciplined, fearless, driven and optimistic in his personal life. He has used these traits to complete many adventure races, half marathons and endurance events.

Darren loves his job, coaching people from all backgrounds and disciplines back to pain free, fearless movement. This passion is shared when working in the public health space, with those with persistent pain, and those who need a person-first holistic therapist.

Random Questions:

My death row meal would be

surf and turf, sweet potato chips and buttered broccoli.

My most cringeworthy moment was

rapping to Eminem in front of 500+ people as a 15 year old in rural Ireland

My favourite place is

Longsands beach,Tynemouth

If you found £1,000 on the street, I would

give a little, spend a little, save a little (for an adventure).

If I had a superpower, it would be

to teleport to other places starting with the highest mountains in the world.

I feel inspired when

I go on adventures or watch people achieving amazing feats.

I think I am a good physio because

I listen, coach and challenge people.

Main interests:


Foot and Ankle injuries


Health Coaching




Holistic Health & Well Being


Advanced Rehabilitation/Performance Physio


Pain Science/Psychology

Core Values:




Lifelong Health

Darren is trained in various approaches:


Anatomy in Motion




Manual Therapy/Massage


Gait Analysis


Cognitive Functional Therapy


Advanced Rehabilitation


Physio led Personal Training


Performance/Rehab Programming


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