Navigating the Slopes: How can you prepare for skiing?

Dec 2, 2023

Navigating the Slopes:

“Navigating the Slopes: A Guide to Skiing, Injuries, and Proactive Health with Pro Health Physio”


Winter is coming, and with it so does the allure of the slopes. Skiing, a thrilling sport, offers an exhilarating escape into the mountains. However, with the love for skiing comes the risk of injuries, ranging from minor sprains to more severe conditions. In this blog, we explore the prevalence of skiing injuries, the types of injuries skiers commonly encounter, and how the expertise of chiropractors and physiotherapists at Pro Health Physio can keep enthusiasts healthy and aid in a speedy recovery.

So let’s set the scene……

You plan, prep and save the money for your ski holiday. All excited and beaming with energy for a fun filled holiday with family and friends. Some apres ski, some winter sun and quality stodgy food to fuel a full day on the slopes.

Disaster strikes; you have all the right gear- the coat, the boots, the socks, the hat/gloves and the underlayers. You get out on the slopes, and there is a little mogul which you hit at speed; BOOM! Knee buckles, twists and is immediately painful … The ski holiday turns immediately as you might have a cruciate ligament injury, or a meniscus/cartilage problem. 

This story happens far too often. There is nothing worse than getting injured on day 1 of a ski holiday and being stuck indoors for the remainder of the holiday resting your injured knee, for example. Luckily we have you covered, here are some key insights and a story about one of our clients, Monique.

Client Case Study: 

Monique was on the slopes skiing, when she hit a turn too quickly, twisting her knee and noticed some immediate pain. She hobbled around for the rest of the holiday, after having an XRay to exclude a fracture whilst in France. Monique returned to the UK, with a knee brace on walking with elbow crutches. 

She was scared as she was worried she would have to use the crutches and brace until she got an MRI via her local NHS Physio services, which was going to take up to 3 months. Monique came to see us at Pro Health Physio, following an assessment we decided to arrange a private MRI via our partners at Newcastle Diagnostics to rule out the dreaded ACL injury. The MRI result: Grade 2 Medial Collateral Ligament with no meniscus or ACL involvement. Boom!

Then Monique threw a grenade at us; ‘ I have another ski holiday booked in 4 weeks, what are the chances of skiing?’ WE LOVE A CHALLENGE AT PRO HEALTH PHYSIO NE.

Together we put together an extensive rehab plan involving weekly physio sessions, close liaison with her personal trainer/coach, regular email contact and introduced some hands-on techniques involving electrical muscle stimulation, massage, manual therapy, isometric exercises, weights and most importantly, low level plyometrics (hopping, jumping and landing mechanics).   

Following which she managed to get out on the slopes with a day on, day off approach for the week, utilising a knee strapping technique which we had taught her in clinic. She kindly sent us a video of her coming down the slopes when she was away. No pain or restriction!

Google Review from Monique:

‘I’ve seen Darren for two separate injuries, he was able to help me fix both injuries and I’m happy to say I feel great. Darren is extremely knowledgeable and kind, he was able to explain everything in a way that made it easy for me to understand and he made my appointments as fun as they could be under the circumstances. I can’t recommend Darren enough, he is brilliant!’

Prevalence of Skiing Injuries:

Skiing is undoubtedly a high-speed sport, and while it brings joy to millions, it also comes with inherent risks. According to studies, the prevalence of skiing-related injuries varies, with an estimated 2 to 4 injuries per 1,000 skier days. These injuries can range from mild to severe, affecting different parts of the body, including the knees, shoulders, and spine.

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Common Skiing Injuries:

Knee Injuries:

  • The knees bear a significant load during skiing, thus injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament (MCL) are not uncommon. Pro Health Physio staff are well versed and experienced in dealing with these injuries and in guiding recovery. We are also well set up to help you prepare and take steps to prevent injury as much as possible.  

Shoulder Dislocations & Acromioclavicular Joint Injuries:

  • Falls and collisions on the slopes can lead to shoulder dislocations. Chiropractors and physiotherapists are well prepared to help in the rehabilitation process or prep you to stave them off when you hit the slopes. Chiropractors can additionally make sure no knock on effects to the spine have taken place.  Shoulder, neck and upper back health are often tied together. 

Spinal Injuries:

  • High-speed falls or collisions can result in spinal injuries. Physios & Chiropractors at Pro Health Physio specialise in spinal health to ensure proper recovery, strength and evaluations.  Their care and adjustments may also reduce pain associated with these injuries, especially when combined with proper rehab or preventative strength training. 

Proactive Health Measures:

Here is a review from Flo who recently came to see us to prepare her body for a ski holiday in February following a nasty injury sustained during her last ski holiday 4 years ago. She found the session so helpful, her husband is now undergoing an injury prevention program at Pro Health Physio for a historic knee injury too.

‘Another brilliant session with Darren. I visited him about a baby-related neck issue as well as ongoing problems with my hip following a femur break a few years ago. He quickly worked out the cause of the issues and gave me quick, easy to do exercises at home. It was clear from just a few repetitions of the exercises in the gym with Darren that they were targeting the muscles that have been causing me problems. Really looking forward to carrying on with the exercises at home and seeing Darren again in a few weeks to progress.’

Strength and Conditioning:

Physiotherapists at Pro Health Physio may design customised strength and conditioning programs to enhance muscle strength and joint stability, reducing the risk of injuries on the slopes. This will involve some form of strength endurance exercises with high reps (20+ reps) , low to moderate weight (40-60% of your rep max). 

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Plyometric based exercises:

In addition to plyometric based exercises which are often the exercises that get missed out of a Skiing prehab or rehab program by therapists and clients alike. For more information about what this may entail, drop us a message to find out more about booking an Injury Prevention appointment. 


Rehabilitation Services:

In the unfortunate event of an injury, the rehabilitation services offered by Pro Health Physio are tailored to accelerate the recovery process. Whether it’s through targeted exercises or chiropractic adjustments, the goal is to get skiers back on their feet and back on the slopes. Simply ask Monique!

An Injury Prevention Assessment may involve looking at old injuries, which may hamper you on the slopes. This could include anything from previous patella dislocations, ACL injuries, cartilage problems or previous ankle sprains. These may not hinder you on a daily process when at home but on the slopes they could limit your ability to go off piste or impress the family with a jump/360  turn. 


Skiing is not just a sport; it’s a passion that draws individuals to the breathtaking beauty of the mountains. However, prioritising health and taking proactive measures is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on the slopes. With the expertise of chiropractors and physiotherapists at Pro Health Physio, skiers can embrace the thrill of skiing while minimising the risks of injuries and maximising their overall well-being. So, gear up, stay proactive, and let the love of the slopes continue to be an exhilarating and injury-free adventure.

Book a session with one of our team at Pro Health Physio NE to prevent and manage any injuries which may impact on that ski holiday. 

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