What is the secret to getting older gracefully without pain & discomfort?

Nov 30, 2023


Pro Health Physio’s holistic approach to well-being! As we celebrate our 3rd year in business in October 2023, it’s the perfect time to delve into a topic close to our hearts – longevity and optimal health.  The journey towards timeless vitality involves a combination of strategies, encompassing muscle maintenance, cardiovascular health, and the indispensable role of social interaction.

What activities do you want to be doing when you are 100 years old?

Live alone & be independent?

Climb the stairs pain free?

Hiking, walking and nipping down to the shops without a stick or mobility aid?

Lifting your grandkids or great grandkids up?

What do you need to do TODAY to ensure that becomes a reality in 20,30 or 40 years time? think of this article as pension plan for your body, and you need to invest now to have a fruitful retirement.

  1. Building and Maintaining Muscle Mass: The Foundation of Timeless Vitality 

In the quest for longevity, building and maintaining muscle mass play a pivotal role. As we age, sarcopenia, the loss of muscle mass, becomes a real concern. However, resistance training, when tailored to individual needs and abilities, becomes a potent weapon against this natural decline. This helps with preventing osteopenia- weak bones, maintains strength and soft tissue injuries which may occur if you do too much in the garden, lifting the Christmas tree down from the loft or picking up that suitcase for your holidays.

Pro Health Physio encourages clients to incorporate strength training into their routines. Focusing on major muscle groups not only enhances physical strength but also boosts metabolism, aiding in weight management. Emphasizing functional movements helps in daily activities, contributing to an overall active lifestyle. Simple exercises like squats, deadlifts, step ups and calf raises can help prevent lots of issues into your golden years.

For our clients, the key is consistency. Regular, progressive resistance training sessions not only build muscle but also fortify bones and joints. Our personalized programs ensure a balance between challenging workouts and necessary recovery, promoting sustainable muscle growth. Now this may sound daunting and scary… you may never have been to the gym, or have not been in 5,10, or 20years.  it is never too late to get started back in the gym. Lifting weights/gym based strengthening is not all about looking good & aesthetics. Resistance based training can help reduce the risk of falls, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and certain types of Cancers…….So many benefits!

It has been proven too, that with more muscle mass, the speed of recovery following an injury, a period of inactivity or worse again, a life altering sickness or stay in hospital, is much quicker. As we get old, one of the risks we all encounter is that of falling. With more muscle strength and mass, the chances of falling reduce, as does the ability to get back up and down off the ground (which is staple of our rehab programmes for our older clients!) We suffer more in imagination; than in reality.  Sometimes we need to train those who have had a fall to get up again. We also need to consider the fear of falling; which can play a big role in our twilight years.

The benefits are endless: I know what you are going to say! ‘But I have arthritis and I cannot exercise’

We are not going to change the arhritis per se, but resistance and weight training helps to prevent any further deconditioning, maintains muscle mass which we lose 3-5% every year from the age of 35 years old, and it helps stave off any additional weight, which may hamper your osteoarthritis in your knees/hips or ankles. Put simply, more weight leads to more pressure on weight bearing joints.

  1. Cardiovascular Health: A Heartfelt Approach to Longevity 

The heart, the engine of our vitality, requires special attention as we age. Cardiovascular health is a linchpin in the pursuit of longevity. Pro Health Physio advocates for a multifaceted approach, blending aerobic exercises, mindful breathing, and cardiovascular assessments.

Engaging in aerobic activities such as brisk walking, swimming, or cycling not only strengthens the heart but also enhances lung capacity. Incorporating interval training can add a burst of intensity, invigorating the cardiovascular system. Additionally, regular cardiovascular check-ups provide crucial insights, allowing our clients to monitor their heart health proactively. Zone 2 training is well researched as being essential for the aging process. This should involve exercise that taxes you slightly, not to the point you are out of breath or gasping. This may involve a fast paced walk, a moderate cycling excursion, or a few gentle laps at a local pool…..or better again, a dip in the North sea (More to come later about the benefits of cold/heat exposure).

Nutrition plays a crucial role, too. A heart-healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, complements cardiovascular fitness. Pro Health Physio’s nutrition counseling ensures a comprehensive strategy, promoting not only muscle health but also a robust cardiovascular system.

  1. The Social Connection: Lifelong Wellness Beyond the Physical 

Beyond the realm of physical health, Pro Health Physio recognises the profound impact of social connections on overall well-being. Loneliness and social isolation can be as detrimental as physical inactivity. Our approach integrates not only the body but also the mind and soul. This is highlighted by the UK Minister for Loneliness addressing some of the devastating issues that stem from social isolation; in our opinions, one of the biggest killers in the UK.

Group exercise classes foster a sense of community and motivation, turning workouts into social engagements. Additionally, Pro Health Physio encourages clients to explore activities outside the fitness center – joining clubs, volunteering, or participating in community events. Meaningful social interactions not only combat stress but also contribute to mental and emotional resilience.

  1. Embracing Cold and Heat Exposure: A Fountain of Youth Inspired by David Sinclair 

In our pursuit of longevity, Pro Health Physio draws inspiration from the groundbreaking work of David Sinclair. Cold and heat exposure, popularly known as hormesis, has emerged as a potent tool. Cold showers or exposure to cold temperatures activate beneficial pathways, promoting resilience and enhancing metabolic function. Similarly, saunas and heat exposure trigger cellular responses that contribute to overall well-being. Pro Health Physio incorporates these practices into personalized wellness plans, harnessing the power of hormesis to amplify the benefits of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises, offering clients an additional edge on their journey to timeless vitality.


As we reflect on our third year, Pro Health Physio reaffirms its commitment to guiding clients of all ages on a journey towards timeless vitality. Building and maintaining muscle mass, nurturing cardiovascular health, and embracing social connections form the trinity of our approach.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of exercise, nutrition, lifting weights, thermogenesis, and what you can do to ensure social connection: Book an appointment to see one of our team today, who will help guide you through this journey to gracefully getting older… you can play, run, climb and exercise well into your twilight years!

Highly recommend Peter Attia’s book ‘Outlive’ for more information on longevity. 

By incorporating these principles into your lifestyle, you’re not just investing in your health – you’re investing in a future filled with energy, strength, and the joy of living life to the fullest. Here’s to another year of unwavering commitment to your well-being, with Pro Health Physio as your trusted partner on the path to longevity and optimal health. Cheers to a healthier, happier you!